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2023 Rotary Peace Fellow Symposium

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2020 USA & Canada Activator Training

Join Rotary Peace Fellows, Rotarians, and other leaders from around the world in Birmingham, Alabama USA, a city whose name is synonymous with the Civil Rights Movement, at the Rotary Peace Fellow Birmingham Symposium & International Peace Conference (IPC) on May 4-6, 2023.  The symposium will take place on May 4th with programming in the morning exclusively for Peace Fellows to reconnect, celebrate successes, and address challenges.

In the afternoon, Rotarians and RPF’s will meet to explore opportunities to work together on new or existing projects. The primary objective of the afternoon session is to build new relationships and engage in ongoing relationships among RPF’s and Rotarians leading to mutual support and resources for their peacebuilding initiatives. The International Peace Conference will kick-off late that afternoon with a welcome reception for both Rotarians and RPF’s and conclude on May 6th. 

Our goal is to connect the Rotary Peace Fellows and Rotarians virtually on a meaningful two-way street prior to the symposium, either by geographic location or through similar topical interests. Once we meet in person, we’ll be better equipped to actively work on issues together. Unlike other symposiums which focus only on the actual event, we are asking attendees to participate in a process more akin to peacebuilding itself: PREPARE, PLAN, PERFORM.  

Rotary Peace Fellow Symposium Applications have now closed.


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The International Peace Conference 2023 is hosted by Rotary International District 6860 in partnership with The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and the Institute for Human Rights at the University of Alabama Birmingham.  IPC will bring together people from across the globe to share ideas and propose solutions to some of society’s most complex challenges. Click here to learn more about the

2023 International Peace Conference.  

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